Casenti Valentine’s Day
Feb. 18

For those who are just as romantic but perhaps a little more frugal, we are seizing on an idea given to us by our friend Tara whose friends the Casenti’s , celebrate the occasion on a different date in order to avoid the crowds’ the “forced” atmosphere and of course less expensive. In support of this idea, Toscano’s will be combining Casenti Valentine’s Day celebration with our Third Thursday Gnocchi Gnight. On Thursday February 18, a mere 4 days after the traditional date, we will offer a number of specials.

Each couple will receive a gift of a rose. Then, you and your “date” can choose to have one of our gnocchi entrees – either pumpkin gnocchi in a spinach cream sauce or gnocchi Bolognese, served with our homemade tomato meat sauce. Each of these will be offered at $12. However, John has discovered that this is National Crab Stuffed Flounder Day, so we will be offering that delicious entrée as an alternative for $20. And, can you believe it? It is also National Drink Wine Day – bring a bottle of your favorite go-with for gnocchi and/or seafood. With so many specials, this would make the Casenti’s proud.