First Friday!
Mar. 6

It’s First Friday, which means that Gary Carpenter and Tom Linker will be providing a broad repertoire of musical selections for your enjoyment. Their music will surely put a “spring” in your step and will be a perfect accompaniment for our spring specials. Speaking of spring specials, we’re sick of this snow and looking forward to springtime produce like fresh asparagus and strawberries. So much so, that we’re doing some specials for this weekend that include those ingredients. Come in this weekend and try them out!

Veal Petro – veal with asparagus, capers, roasted peppers, and mushrooms – $21
Asparagus Tortellini  – with a tomato cream sauce – $15.75
Strawberry Shortcake –  the quintessential spring treat – strawberry shortcake – $4.50