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Gone FishingJuly 4th – 7th

Gone FishingJuly 4th – 7th

But Before we go… We’ve got a few specials for you to enjoy on Thursday and Friday!

In the popular Disney film Frozen, Queen Elsa sings “Let it go, let it go, Can’t hold it back anymore, Let it go, let it go, Turn away and slam the door!”

Having learned the words from his own little Frozen fans, this is what John is singing this week as he and Joe prepare for their annual fishing trips. Toscano’s needs to let all of its fresh produce, fish, and chicken go before they grab their fishing rods, turn away, and close the door.

This Thursday and Friday evenings our customers will reap the benefits of our “letting it go”! Our favorite fish entrees will be offered for $20 each:

Grilled Bassa
served with fresh peaches, blackberries and almonds

breaded, pan-fried and served with our homemade tomato sauce

St. Peter’s Fish
sautéed with mushrooms and herbs

Additionally, All chicken entrees on the menu will be offered for $15 each.

Please plan to come in either or both of these nights and help us get ready for our mini-vacation. Remember, Toscano’s will be closed on Saturday July 4th through lunch on Tuesday July 7th. We will be open and eager to brag about all the fish we caught at dinnertime on Tuesday.

Speaking of Frozen, Joe has been adding to his repertoire of refreshing summer desserts. This week he is preparing a mango sorbet, a chocolate with cherries sorbet, and vanilla and cherry vanilla gelati. What possibilities for a happy ending to your summer meal!

All of the aforementioned cherries are fresh from the orchards of Lancaster. Anna, William, and Caroline’s great grandmother would be happy to tell you that this is THE week for cherries. One of her oft-repeated stories is about how she went to a neighbor’s house to pick cherries the night before her first baby (Anna, William and Caroline’s Nana) was born. Who would dare argue with the wisdom of a 95-year-old? Come and try these sweet local treats for yourself!