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Long Live the Queen (and other news)Sept. 10, 2015

Long Live the Queen (and other news)Sept. 10, 2015

Long Live the Queen! As of today, Thursday September 10, 2015, Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain has reigned longer than any other monarch in English history – 63 years, 217 days. She has now surpassed her great-great-grandmother, Queen Victoria, who reigned for 63 years, 216 days between 1837 and 1901. Queen Elizabeth became Queen in 1951 at the age of 25. Most of us would probably agree that holding the same job for that length of time is a pretty remarkable achievement – regardless of the perks her job offers! Did you ever wonder how one becomes a British Monarch? This fun video explains it all! To honor the Queen, Toscano’s will be offering a free “spot of tea” to all of our guests. We’re sure that Queen Elizabeth would agree, given the current humidity horribilis that serving this tea with a few ice cubes is an acceptable alternative to the more proper hot tea; you will have your choice of iced or hot. We will also be offering fish ‘n’ chips as a special entrée for the occasion.

Live Music
Friday and Saturday
Cal Wilson will be providing background music on the keyboard on Friday evening, and Jerry Sena will be with us on Saturday evening. Both of these gentlemen have the talent and repertoires to make your meal even more enjoyable.

Zucchini and Pumpkin Blossoms
Last of the Season
We have the last of the batter-dipped and fried zucchini/pumpkin blossoms of the season! The remaining blossoms in John’s garden have to be cultivated to ensure that the three little Brunos can harvest their own Halloween pumpkins. Come in a enjoy this tasty treat.

Peaches vs. Pears
Which Fruit Do You Prefer?
There are so many big questions in life. Bob Hope or Bing Crosby? Pat’s or Geno’s? WaWa or Dunkin’? John and Joe need your input. Do you prefer Peaches Dicianni or Pears Dicianni? (In case you have forgotten, “Dicianni” means that the fruit is grilled, topped with prosciutto and Prima Donna cheese and then baked just long enough to melt the cheese.) This weekend will feature an appetizer of both a peach and a pear Dicianni so that you can decide for yourself. It’s a Dicianni Showdown!

Looking Ahead
The Return of Gnocchi Gnight
Tuesday 9/15 is National Linguine Day. Toscano’s will offer Linguine Bolognese (meat sauce) for $10 and Linguine with meatless red sauce for $9.15.

On Thursday 17th, our traditional Third Thursday Gnocchi Gnights will return for another season! Many of you may have seen our Facebook past this week that we’ve been making Pumpkin Gnocchi this week!

For Joe and Kelsey and for all of the Bruno and Daugherty family members, it is T-minus 44 until The Big Day! Wow.