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New Artwork

New Artwork

Corrina and David Leidy are the founders of Curley Mill Studio, now located in Florida. Originally from this area and having studied sculpture and painting at Kansas City Art Institute, this highly creative team is always coming up with new ways to utilize familiar media. Corrina writes the following about her newest artistic endeavor:

My paintings, like life, sometimes feel uncontrollable. The materials I use are resin on canvas or metal, oil based metallics, alcohol inks, acrylics, and even nail polish. I begin by pouring clear resin over the entire surface, then add different pigments to the wet resin and allow and encourage the colors and different materials to mix and mingle. Painting with various mediums on top of wet resin does not lend itself to much control. With time, I begin to shape and direct the chaos, creating some order out of the disarray. As the resin dries, I continue to work and add pigments, organizing the painting until the working window has closed, when the resin is cured beyond moving.

In my most recent work, I have begun to take some of these abstract paintings and “carve out” scenes with subjects such as animals, trees, and people. This is a further expression of organizing the chaos within the painting by taking the abstract and making it a recognizable form. It is exciting to see how each person or animal has noticeable features within the lines and colors that were once only naturally flowing paint. There are even hints of personalities and faces within them.

Several examples of this new artwork are now on the walls at Toscano!