The Last Gnocchi Gnight…
May 21

Tonight is the last Gnocchi Gnight until September! Come in tonight for one of four different gnocchi dishes for just $10. If you’re adventurous, order all four!

Gnocchi Bolognese  – served with our traditional Italian meat sauce
Gnocchi Verdi – filled with ricotta and spinach and served with red sauce
Roman Gnocchi – made with semolina pasta and topped with sausage & peppers
Pumpkin Gnocchi – served in a spinach cream sauce

We know that saying “see you soon” to Gnocchi Gnight will be hard on a few folks. For all of you traditionalists who look forward to Gnocchi Gnight as a gnice way to gnote the Third Thursday of each gnew month, John and Joe will continue to offer $10 potato gnocchi and $10 pumpkin gnocchi throughout the summer to our loyal email readers who gknow to request these specials.