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Baby Bruno Pool Round Two!

Baby Bruno Pool Round Two!

Have you heard the big news? John and Amy are expecting another bundle of joy! Isn’t there an old Italian proverb that translates to “kids are like cannolis, you can’t have just one”? What does this mean for you, our loyal customers? It means you could win a free dinner! The newest Toscanoan will be arriving sometime in September (his or her due date is Sept. 23), but who really knows when?  Will he or she arrive on time?  Early?  Late?  Will he or she arrive already sporting a gray Toscano’s t-shirt?  Will he or she prefer the Red Sox or the Phillies??  These are the big questions!

Place your bets now – enter the Toscano Baby Bruno Pool!  The person who comes the closest in date (without going past it) will win dinner for 4 at Toscano’s. 

Your guess is as good as ours!


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