Celebrating The Big 4 Oh…
Feb. 27

For many of us, we would be dancing in the streets if the outside temperature made it to 40 degrees. However, there is another reason to celebrate 40 this week – and it does not necessarily involve dancing in the streets. A special someone will be marking this milestone, in part, by spending time with adult friends rather than with Mickey, Minnie, Buzz, Woody, and all of the other little people, real and imaginary, who keep her from ever feeling bored or unwanted.

In honor of this occasion, Toscano’s will be offering all entrees that are regularly priced above twenty dollars for the special price of 2 for $40. In addition, if you mention this post, you will be able to enjoy a slice of the birthday girl’s favorite cake. (Once John introduced her to Stock’s pound cake, she has never looked back quite so fondly on the Betty Crocker birthday cakes of her youth.)

Whether you are seeking advice on how to cheerfully turn forty at some future date, or whether you can offer advice from a later vantage point, we hope you will stop by on Friday evening!