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Super Dinner SpecialsJan. 30 – 31

Super Dinner SpecialsJan. 30 – 31

The Iron Chiefs are ready for their own Super Bowl competition! Come in this weekend and enjoy a four-course meal for just $33.49.

Chief John, representing the “old,” original NFC and Chief Joe, representing the “young” AFC have set their menus and are ready for your votes. The menus each provide a four-course meal that will be offered for $33.49 (it IS Super Bowl XLIX, or 49). And best of all, you can combine items from either menu to create your own Super Dinner.

John’s Seattle Seahawks (NFC) menu will consist of Seattle Seafood Chowder, Seattle’s Canlis salad (romaine with bacon, cherry tomatoes, and croutons in a lemony dressing), penne with smoked salmon in a vodka cream sauce, and Seattle fruit pie, made with strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and apples.

Joe’s fully inflated New England Patriots menu will offer New England clam chowdah (the true New England pronunciation), clam dip with chips, lobstah (again, the proper pronunciation) mac and cheese, and Boston cream pie. These menus will be offered this Friday and Saturday, January 30 and 31.

Are you planning your own Super Bowl Party? If so, we’ve collected some food ideas for you to help represent each team.

For the Seattle Seahawks
12th Man Seattle Seahawks Chocolate Bar
Pancetta Salmon Kebabs
Chippy’s Ahi Tuna Poke

For the New England Patriots
Boston Fruit Slices
Kayem Patriots Hot Dogs
Maple Hot Dog Recipe
Smoked Cod and Lobster Chowder
Lobster Nachos