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The Hamilton MenuOct. 20 – 23

The Hamilton MenuOct. 20 – 23

The Hamilton Menu

Whether you are a fan of Broadway musicals, politics and history, or Lin Manuel-Miranda (writer, producer, and star), Hamilton is coming to television this Friday! PBS is airing a special documentary about the making of this smash Broadway hit and winner of so many awards on Friday at 9 pm. Clips and music from the play will also be featured. We hope you will come in for dinner that evening to get in the Hamilton mood – or Saturday or Sunday evening to re-live and discuss all that you saw and heard. John and Joe have created a special three-course menu for you to choose from for this big occasion. The price? Three Hamiltons!

First Course

Warm Weehawken Salad
beets, broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots sautéed in balsamic vinaigrette, served over fresh spinach and topped with feta cheese

Aaron Burr-itos
burritos filled with beans, rice, and other to-be determined ingredients
(we want to be as unpredictable as Burr)

The Federalist Peppers
baby peppers stuffed with a variety of fillings 


Federalists and Democratic-Republicans 
green (for Federalist Hamilton’s financial plan) and red (for the D-Rs who saw “red” when they heard about it) pasta with ham and turkey in a rose cream sauce

A Salute to King George III
our ever-popular fish ‘n’ chips

A Salute to General George Washington
pork medallions and apples in applejack brandy (GW’s favorite) cream sauce


New York Cheesecake
with Mount Vernon Cherries

West Indian Rum Cake