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Tomato Time!Aug 29

Tomato Time!Aug 29


Whether you say “tomato” or “tomahto,” we’ve got you covered. John has declared this week and next (through September 8th) as Tomato Weeks! There’s still time to enjoy these delicious fruits of summer.

Tomato – Tomahto 
3-Course Menu


First Course
(choose one)

Tomato and Corn Chowder
a combination of two summertime favorites

Caprese Salad
tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, and basil (colors of the Italian flag) with balsamic reduction

Tomato Trio
a sampler of gazpacho, tomatoes with goat cheese and pesto, and mock white pizza (pizza bread with garlic scape pesto, tomatoes and mozzarella)

(choose one)

Chicken Giacomo
chicken with sun-dried tomatoes, mushrooms, and herbs

Chicken BLT
chicken with a sauce of bacon, lemon, and tomato

Garlic and Spinach Agnolotti
pasta pockets topped with fresh tomato sauce and garlic scape pesto


Choose Any
choose what you will from our dessert menu
(you can expect a few homemade apple selections, too)